Music profile: Lucky Ali

Life at his own Pace

LuckyAli (4K)Maqsood Mehmood Ali has been living life on his own terms. His creations have made an impact on not only millions of his fans but also on music buffs worldwide. His first album Sunoh sold more than 10 million copies. You might have heard some of them - he is better known as Lucky Ali. Here, then, is the latest on the lucky singer.

The interesting part about Lucky Ali is that he cannot be labeled and categorized. He has lived life to the full and continues to do so - the man once actually tried his hand at breeding racehorses and working at an oilrig! His call, though, was in music and for the past eight years, he has been enthralling us with his haunting melodies. Whether it was Sunoh, Sifar or Aks, his albums have always conveyed a message. Ali simply works on his instinct and the album shapes up by itself.

His father Mehmood, yesteryear actor-comedian passed away recently. Many of Mehmood's onscreen songs were huge hits. Ali gets a far-away look in his eyes when he thinks about his father. His favorite songs from his father's films were in Bhoot Bangla and Kunwara Baap, he says. On his own stint in Bollywood, Ali says that it was a planned move. Since his father was an actor, Ali's own association with Rakeh Roshan's Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai seemed natural; Sur followed.

Ali's latest album is Kabhi Aisa Lagta Haiis all about love. The album is romantic and Ali admits that he unconsciously include some of the lilting music of his earlier albums unconsciously. While on this, Ali has stubbornly refused to take the path often traveled - of remixes. Ali points out that remix is another way to express oneself; still, he is not part of it simply because he does not need to be.


Pinning down Ali is like pinning down a wisp of smoke perhaps. Gentle, creative and contemplative yet an enigma. He does not have any favorite genre or music nor does he have a music collection. He seems happy to be flitting from one genre to the other much like a butterfly - at his own pace. For his music videos, Ali has always preferred the meticulous Mahesh Mathai.

The father of three (one son and two daughters), Ali is living life at his own pace. On the future, he says he is considering some tours but there are no concrete plans yet. And? The rest is up to God, he philosophises. He has no long-term plan and takes life as it comes.

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