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Sonam Kapoor (26K)Growing up with Delhi 6



More than a year after her debut in Saawariya, that much-hyped film that went nowhere, Sonam Kapoor shines on the silver screen in the recently released Delhi 6. The tall actor talks about everything from her debut to her image change.



sonam (23K)Just when everyone had decided that Sonam Kapoor preferred to be stuck in the classic beauty mould, the pretty lady went ahead and changed that thanks to numerous photo shoots in several well-known film periodicals. And she looked as lovely as she did when she was a demure, fully-covered heroine in Saawariya. Ah, that brilliant smile! Those long tresses! Now, she is ready to take on Bollywood with her role in Delhi 6. Sonam says that Delhi 6 has all the ingredients to be a hit but points out that the ultimate decision rests with the audience.



Is it easy being an actor considering she has the backing of her famous actor father Anil Kapoor and her uncle, Boney Kapoor is a well-known producer of films? And oh, Sridevi, Boney's wife, was the queen bee of Bollywood not too long ago and is still being wooed by Bollywood to make a 'comeback'. No, says Sonam. The bottomline is that while the debut part is fairly easy with the right backing, she is pretty much on her own after that. What work in Bollywood in the long run are hard work and talent... and luck.



During the past nearly one and a half years after Saawariya, Sonam has been part of several photo shoots and given candid interviews. Were the photo shoots, in which she exhibited a willingness to pose in fairly revealing clothes, part of a career strategy to change her image from a classic beauty to one that would be more viable for a career in today's Bollywood? She refutes that and says she was just being herself. After all, she did not want to be called a classic beauty - it was the press that labeled her after seeing her as Sakina rather than as Sonam Kapoor. And she says that if the press now sees her as Bittu, her character in Delhi 6, it would not concern her either. In an industry where labels are part of the deal, Sonam wants to ensure that the 'real Sonam' is understood and not just her characters.



sonam-kapoor01 (19K)She talks fondly about her father Anil Kapoor and his success with the internationally acclaimed 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Like any proud daughter she says that her father deserves all the success he can get. After all, he has worked hard for three decades, hasn't he? His daughter, an easy five feet and nine inches tall, could pass for a model. In fact, she walked the ramp for designers Anamika Khanna, Tarun Tahiliani and Anuradha Vakil. She loves dress-up and everything that goes with it so she is right at home with acting or modeling but makes it clear that acting comes first. She also dropped lost more than 30 kilos over the past couple of years, she reveals. She does feel better than she ever did. It was easy - she stopped eating all junk food. If only it were as easy for the rest of us! Now, she looks even more stunning.




Her goal, above all, is to become a better human being before becoming a better actor or anything else. She wants to do the right thing honestly and with integrity. She plans to do only one film at a time and has been true to her word since starting her acting career. Sonam has got her career strategy in place and from here, her graph can only go one place from here - up.





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